Idea Design Studio Highlights the Morpher Helmet as Great New 2016 Item

Idea Design Studio names the Morpher Helmet one of the best products from 2016.

Each year, new products come to market that can make a huge difference for individuals and the world that they live in.  These inventions may be used to improve the condition of the world through green innovations, or they might change the world by making life simpler, healthier, and safer for the greater population. Encouraging these kinds of innovations is extremely important because they can have a huge impact on the world in which they are used. In 2016 many new products with huge potential were released or announced, and to encourage inventors who are working on their own creations, Idea Design Studio would like to share information on one of its favorite new inventions from the past year.

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Today, Idea Design Studio would like to explore details on the Morpher, an advanced new bicycle helmet. Most people know how important it is to use a helmet when biking or taking part in other outdoor activities. Helmets are essential protective gear, and prevent serious head injuries in the case of an accident. However, Idea Design Studio also knows that there are many cyclists who still neglect to wear helmets, or forget to bring them along when they are needed. Some may simply forgo a helmet because they don’t want to try to store it when they reach a chosen destination. One fix for this kind of trouble is the Morpher.

The reason that the Morpher stands out against other helmets is that it is a foldable helmet, which is able to be folded down when it is not being worn. The helmet is easy to store in a backpack or bag and can be carried by cyclists wherever they go so that they can be ready for impromptu rides or other outdoor activities. Despite the fact that the Morpher can be collapsed, it meets all safety standards for bike helmets, and additionally it is made out of recyclable materials. While only a bike model is currently available, there are also plans to make Morpher brand helmets for sports such as skiing and skating to make safety more convenient for many sports fans. Idea Design Studio encourages inventors to learn more about the product by visiting

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Idea Design Studio’s Guide to Prototypes

To help inventors make the most of prototypes, Idea Design Studio offers some crucial advice.

As experts in the world of innovation and invention, the staff at Idea Design Studio knows what it takes to bring a compelling idea through the design and development stages, and to turn it into a functioning product. It takes time, effort, and tools, but the determined inventor, with the right idea, can make it happen. To help these inventors, and to make their journeys a little easier, the experts at Idea Design Studio believe in offering advice and inspiration to inventors to help them move forward in their big ideas. Today, Idea Design Studio would like to explore the benefits of prototypes and offer some tips that individuals should consider when creating their own prototypes.

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There are several advantages to having a prototype when working on a new invention or making adjustments and improvements to an older model. One of the biggest advantages of a prototype is that it is a way to test out a product before it makes its way to market. It helps the inventor see how the product works, functions, and looks. It can also show inventors what it potential wrong with their product, be it the size, the layout, or the material. Prototypes can also be used when looking for investors, and can be used to show the backers how the product looks and functions, and what makes the design promising in its market.

If individuals want to make sure that they have prototypes ready for their presentations, or prototypes are needed to make improvements on their ideas, Idea Design Studio has a few recommendations for getting prototypes. First, Idea Design Studio recommends that all inventors try making their prototypes themselves first. Designers should play with the pieces, try different materials, and experiment to find out just exactly how the product should work before getting the prototype professionally produced. Experimentation is key to making a good prototype, and being hands on is essential for bringing an idea to life. Once an inventor has put their own time and effort into making the best model of the product that they can on their own, they can consider heading to professionals to make a more advanced version, but they should be sure that they stay in budget, and do careful research before choosing a designer or manufacturing company to help make the advanced prototypes.

Prototypes are just one of the many tools that can help inventors pursue their great ideas. For additional tools such as animations, and 3D designs, or for help with marketing, logo designs, or a range of other innovative services, creators are welcome to visit Idea Design Studio’s team is specially trained to help inventors achieve their dreams by developing their ideas and inventions.

Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Morne Bosman

Morne Bosman knows all about putting in effort and going the extra mile. He’s a proud father and marathon runner, from South Africa, who is currently working hard with Idea Design Studio to become the next big inventor.

His current job in the United States, requires him to do a lot of driving; Because of this, he’s developing something he believes will improve the driving experience for everyone, everywhere.

He says,

“I spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel of my vehicle. And I realized that my elbow always ends up on the small ledge, on the inside of my door window, leaving me with a tender elbow and a sweaty spot on the window.

I think I have come up with a great idea in improving the comfort and overall experience in any vehicle new and old. My idea will make every driver a better driver, especially when driving long distances.”

With the proceeds from his invention, Bosman aspires to start a charity back home called, “It is a time to help”. The organization will help displaced families all over South Africa.

When he isn’t busy working hard on developing his product with Idea Design Studio, he loves spending time with his son, Liam and his two terriers, Captain and Morgan. He also enjoys participating in outdoor activities, such as, cycling, swimming and jogging.

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Idea Design Studio Spotlights EATWELL Dinnerware Set

Today, Idea Design Studio shares information about an innovative new dinnerware set for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

Idea Design Studio believes that one of the biggest benefits of the modern world and its technologies is that these technologies can be used to help humanity. There are many new procedures, products, and ideas being conceived each day that can assist the medical field, or make everyday tasks easier for individuals who suffer from various health conditions. From artificial limbs to life saving procedures and medicines, science and technology can save and change lives. Even some of the most unassuming of these products can make a huge impact, and Idea Design Studio wants to share one example.

Invention Design Ideas Creative Imagination Concept

One of the most extraordinary inventions currently on the market for those with special needs or debilitating medical conditions is EATWELL dinnerware. This brightly colored set of cups, bowls, and spoons may not look like much at first, but the innovative design is changing many lives. The EATWELL set was specially designed to help those who have conditions that make it difficult for them to feed themselves. For example, these sets can help those individuals who have problems with motor skills, who have physical injuries, or those with mental and cognitive conditions.

Idea Design Studio especially appreciates the EATWELL set because it has a number of innovative features to make them easier to use. The bowls are slanted in design, helping food pool at one end of the dish so that it is easier to scoop the food, and the sides are at a right angle to prevent spilling and help the spoons pull along the edges for easier scooping.  The cups are designed so that they are not easily tipped and spilled, with one cup having a heavy base and the other a handle that can rest on a surface.

The EATWELL silverware is also specially designed, with curved handles allow them to easily reach into the bowls. Additionally, the entire set is made in bright, primary colors, so that the different pieces of the set are easily differentiated from each other. Altogether, this innovative set of simple tableware can make a huge difference for those with special need or disabilities, granting them independence by allowing them the ability to easily feed themselves even when they cannot use regular dishes or silverware. Check out to learn more about the product and how it is changing lives.

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Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, William Waterman

11682855 - young couple playing video games in the living room

It is estimated that somewhere around 155 million Americans play video games on a daily basis. Most people assume that number is limited to men when in fact, women account for nearly half of the gaming community. Even families can be seen playing with each other more and more, as a way of bonding.

The average gamer spends about three hours on videos games a day, which is helpful with strengthening coordination and memory improvement, while also reducing their level of stress and depression. However, the problem with excessive gaming is that, it requires sitting in one spot for an extended period of time which can wreak havoc on posture and cause cramping in the hands.

Upcoming inventor, William Waterman has been working closely with Idea Design Studio on making his invention something that all gamer’s can benefit from using.

He says,

“I came up with the idea from playing Xbox and watching my children and friends play. It’s always needed when we play; It’s just more fun when you’re comfortable. It will also give you so much more control with your controller.

I love the idea, my family and friends and their kids love the idea and I would love to see everyone with one of my products, enhancing their gaming experience and really having control of their game.”

When Mr. Waterman isn’t busy collaborating with Idea Design Studio, he enjoys bike riding, swimming and taking photographs with his camera. He also appreciates spending time with family and going on adventures, both in reality as well as virtual reality.

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Idea Design Studio Helps Promote Women Inventors

Idea Design Studio is committed to helping men and women who desire to see their inventions prosper. Although only 10% of all patents awarded through 2000 were given to women, it is not too late to change the stigma in the 21st century. It’s not because women aren’t good inventors, it’s because there are additional hurdles women must overcome to get the recognition they deserve in this industry, including the struggle to get credit for their own ideas.
Idea Design Studio

In the example of Sybilla Masters, a Native American who lived in colonial America, the law was simply against her. She invented a new way to turn corn into cornmeal and headed off to Europe to obtain a patent. Women, at that time, couldn’t own property, which included intellectual property. So when a patent was finally issued for this procedure, it was issued to her husband Thomas, not her.

Property laws were not the only thing standing in the way of women inventors throughout history. Another was that women were often denied education, particularly technical education. Those who focused their efforts on inventions that would improve household tasks were ridiculed for creating things ‘too domestic.’

The first American woman to earn her won patent was Mary Kies, in 1809. Kies developed a way of weaving straw into hats that helped spur New England’s economic boom. She led the way for women inventors and their ability to receive proper credit for their ideas.

Several women have recently praised Idea Design Studio for their support, including Araceli Madrigal, who said, “Idea Design Studio was extremely helpful, they worked with me on my time and the whole process was really easy.”

Inventors, let nothing stand in your way! Idea Design Studio is proud to help all inventors work towards their dreams.

Idea Design Studio Looks Back on First US Patents

History has a way of repeating itself and the team at Idea Design Studio wants inventors to learn from the past. In 1790, the US Government passed the first patent law, but only three patents were granted that year. By 1836 there were almost 10,000 patents issued. Idea Design Studio take a look at some of the very first patents issued.

Inspired Light Bulb Character

  • Samuel Hopkins of Vermont was issued the first patent for his invention that improved “the making of Pot ash and Pearl ash by a new apparatus and Process.”


  • Patent number two was granted to Joseph Sampson’s invention that aided in the “manufacturing of candles.” He continued to work with candles, later on contributing to the invention of the continuous wick.


  • The automated flour mill, invented by Oliver Evans was number three, also in 1790. Later on he also patented the Oruktor Amphibolos, a whimsical looking dredge.


  • In 1971, patent number 4 was granted to Francis Bailey, who printed the first copy of the Articles of Confederation, and invented “punches of type.”


  • Aaron Putnam’s invention improved the distilling process, just before the Whiskey Rebellion, and for that he was granted patent number 5. Thought what Putnam was distilling was not included in the paperwork.


  • A pile driver for bridges, patented by John Stone in 1791, saved several hundred man hours.


  • Patents 7 through 10 covered inventions all by the same man, Samuel Muliken. His inventions included a “machine for threshing grain and corn,” braking hemp, cutting and polishing marble, and raise a nap on cloths.


Idea Design Studio enjoys looking back through the first few patents issued. Although when the first patents were housed in a new, fire-resistant building, they were ultimate destroyed by fire. These first patents are collectively referred to as ‘X-patents’ and barebones records are relied upon for historical significance.