Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag

Idea Design Studio loves new inventions and the Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag is one that has really caught our eye. Idea Design Studio gets inspiration from innovations that can help in small ways, and the Paqsule self-cleaning bag does exactly this, using a button on the bag or just a click on your smartphone to “deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria”, as it says on their Kickstarter page. So join Idea Design Studio in saluting this neat product, and take a closer look at what makes the Pasqule self-cleaning bag so handy.

Paqsule Gym Bag.jpg

As mentioned before, the patented “PaqTech” system cleans a gym bag of its foul odors and cleans the dirty clothes that are inside the bag. With the power of oxygen and UV-C, germs are killed on contact, and bacteria disappears. Your bag is then fresh, as are your clothes.

Chargeable via USB, the Paqsule bag has a rechargeable battery capable of 10,000 hours of charges, and can run for seventy-two hours per charge.  With over 17,000 cleanings, it’s clear that you will be able to use the bag for a while.

With a load of pockets, including ones designed for your phone, shoes, and laptop/tablet, the Paqsule has other uses besides a gym bag. It’s very spacious, weighing just under four pounds (when empty), yet also having enough room for all different kinds of sports equipment. From football helmets and shoulder pads, to a basketball, the Paqsule can hold them and clean them as well.

The Paqsule self-cleaning bag will be shipping this August, and more information can be found on Idea Design Studio applauds the great achievement by the team at Paqsule, and are major fans of this great idea. Idea Design Studio is an industry leader in 3-D graphic design, patents, and invention-marketing. To learn more about Idea Design Studio, and its founder, former NFL fullback Marvin Powell III, tune in to “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.

Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: Airvada Diadon Drone

Idea Design Studio takes inspiration from the newest and hottest inventions in the world, and one of these inventions is the Diadon Inflatable Drone, created by Airvada. Drones have become one of the most intriguing ideas of the last few years, and numerous companies have tried to design a drone that has better cameras, is smaller, and has longer battery lives. Airvada’s Diadon Inflatable Drone achieves all of these, and more. So join us, as Idea Design Studio salutes the achievements of Airvada, and their Diadon Inflatable Drone.

Avant Inflatable Drone.png

Airvada, a start-up company out of Toulouse, France has designed what that it claims to be the first inflatable drone. Based on videos and photos of the drone, it appears to be incredibly compact, and can inflate from its starting point to flight ability in about 30 seconds, via a CO2 cartridge. The drone can fly for upwards of 20-35 minutes, depending on the size of the drone, and can deflate in about 15 seconds. The drone is waterproof and can be outfitted with different parts, such as a HD camera or an infrared camera.

The main selling point of the Airvada drone is the compact nature of the product. The lightest option weighing in at only 0.44 pounds, it draws comparisons to a beach ball, with its inflatable arms and overall light look. The drone includes a carrying case, control tablet, and pump to inflate the drone.

Only taking up eight inches of space, it will be a great invention for those looking to take a drone while lightly packing, or trying to squeeze it in to a filled suitcase. Pricing options are not available at the moment, but Airvada says they will be announced shortly.

Idea Design Studio applauds the Airvada Diadon Inflatable Drone, and loves the ingenuity and compactness of the idea. Idea Design Studio is one of the world leaders in patents, invention design, and online marketing. For more information about Idea Design Studio, and its founder, former NFL fullback Marvin Powell III, check out “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”. Premiering in 2017, on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.


Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: Washwow Portable Washing Machine

Idea Design Studio is always looking for the newest and coolest inventions on the market, and the Washwow portable washing machine truly stands out. Idea Design Studio is inspired by ingenious inventions, and a portable washing machine fits this mold of ingenuity. A washer that can fit in a suitcase seems too good to believe, but the wonderful inventors at Washwow Technology have done exactly that. So join us, as Idea Design Studio salutes the Washwow Portable Washing Machine, and learn more about how exactly it works.


How many times have you been on a business trip, and spilled coffee or got a stain on your clothes? If you have, then this invention is truly for you. With the power of water electrolysis, the Washwow washing machine cleans the item of clothing in quiet and without chemicals. The size of a bar of soap, it easily and conveniently fits into any suitcase or bag. Simply place the item of clothing in the waterproof container, and add water and the Washwow device. Set the timer, wait twenty to thirty minutes, and your clothes are stain free, and fresh! Hang them out to dry, and it will be ready to wear by the next morning. The power of oxygen and electricity create water electrolysis, and is the magic behind the Washwow technology.

Washwow uses no detergent or chemicals, and makes no noise. It works with all different types of materials and colors, as well. Nearly every type of material, from silk, lace, cashmere, and dress clothes, can be made clean using Washwow. The silence can be great if you decide to clean your clothes at night without waking up another person who is sleeping.

The Washwow is currently available for preorders at, and will start shipping in June of 2017. Idea Design Studio applauds the great work done by Washwow Technology in creating this amazing invention.

 Idea Design Studio is a leader in marketing, graphic design, and patents. For more information about Idea Design Studio, and its founder, former NFL fullback Marvin Powell III, tune in to “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland” premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.

Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: AIRhub Bike Wheel

Idea Design Studio takes inspiration from the latest inventions to hit the market, and one of the inventions that has caught our eye is the AIRhub bike wheel.  Bikes are a fantastic way to exercise, and AIRHub takes it to the next level. The team at Terrain Dynamics have done a wonderful job adding that little extra push to a bike workout. So join us, as Idea Design Studio looks at the AIRhub Bike Wheel, and applaud the work of Terrain Dynamics!

Idea Design Studio

The AIRhub is meant to be used to gain that extra edge for professional bicyclists, but can be used by anybody looking to add to their workout. It works as an electromagnetic braking system, while being the “first and only on-road resistance training system in the world”, as it states on By utilizing a simple Bluetooth setup, it allows the rider to add as much or as little resistance to their bike as necessary. The AIRhub itself fits directly into the front spokes of your bicycle, no adjustments to your bike needed.

The AIRhub app gives you different types of training, much like a treadmill or any other electronic exercise equipment. Increasing coefficient and drag, measuring your heart rate and giving more or less resistance, and simulating the climbing of hills are all offered by using AIRhub. AIRhub is currently still in development and testing, but has been used by a few cyclists, who have given it rave reviews.

Idea Design Studio salutes the great work by Terrain Dynamics in creating this ingenious design. Idea Design Studio is one of the leaders in the patent, design, and invention-marketing world, and ideas like Airhub only make us work harder. For more information about Airhub, visit To learn more about Idea Design Studio, tune in to “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.

Idea Design Studio Celebrates Women’s History Month: Sara Blakely

It is Women’s History Month, and Idea Design Studio is looking at women that have made a difference in the entrepreneurial and invention fields. Idea Design Studio has created an incredibly successful brand, and it is in large part due to their appreciation of past inventors and creators. One of these brilliant minds is Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx. Join us, as Idea Design Studio celebrates the creations of Sara Blakely.

Idea Design Studio

Starting in the workforce as a door-to-door saleswoman selling fax machines, Blakely discovered that she could not find pantyhose that didn’t roll up the leg as she cut them. Investing her life savings, she designed a hosiery concept, which moved to the prototype stages.

While companies like Idea Design Studio manage prototypes successfully for inventors and businesses, Blakely used herself, family and friends as testers. By doing this, she discovered that the hosiery industry had been cutting costs by using the same size waistband and a rubber cord to tighten or loosen. Blakely decided to design different sized waistbands for different customers.

After filing a patent with the US Patent Office, she decided to package her product in a bit of a unique way. Using red as a bold color, she had different sizes of animated women, while other companies used the same kind of model. Coming up with the name, Blakely looked at Kodak and Coca-Cola, names that had a hard K sound in them, and came up with Spanks; eventually changing the Ks to an X at the end, and Spanx was born.

Launching the company out of her apartment in 2000, it rose to prominence when Oprah Winfrey featured Spanx on her show and followed up by interviewing the new inventor. Spanx became a very successful company, with numerous celebrity endorsements.

Idea Design Studio, and it’s co-founder, former professional football fullback Marvin Powell III, are committed to women’s rights and offer equal pay for equal work. Idea Design Studio recognizes the success of Sara Blakely and the many other women in the patent and design industry.

Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Tyler Zieske.

Zieske is a Carpenter by trade, who has worked all aspects of construction including fine cabinetry and finishing, with a background in mechanical, general fabrication, welding and equipment operation. His scope of experience combined with his natural creative abilities and a love of the outdoors all came together to enable the creation of a concept he is currently working diligently on with the team at Idea Design Studio.Idea Design Studio-.jpg

Idea Design Studio is a professional invention help firm based in Miami, Florida that specializes in all areas of idea development, from conceptualization stages to marketing. They work around the clock to cultivate inventors from every walk of life.

Zieske is an outdoor guy who immensely enjoys fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling, and creating things.

He says his concept came about as a necessity to solve a problem that doesn’t yet exist. It helps to organize and provide the convenience of having several items combined into one unique arrangement that makes life easier for fisherman, boating enthusiasts and many others including equipment operators, construction workers and tail gate party enthusiasts.

Being a creative problem solver and forward thinker, he needed a creative team that matched his ingenuity. Fortunately, he’s found that at Idea Design Studio and considers the collaboration to be one of his greatest accomplishments thus far.  He feels an innate sense of purpose, creating useful inventions for others.

He adds,

“I feel the idea is strong as far as its market potential and I am excited to see it monetize via a licensing agreement or in setting up a company to manufacture it myself. With the countless millions of small water crafts that exist in North America and the multibillion dollar sport fishing and pleasure craft industries, I feel this concept will experience a significant success.”

Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Sheldon Thibert

Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Sheldon Thibert, a 22 yr. old, ambitious entrepreneur, and developing inventor who happened upon his idea in an unconventional way.

Idea Design Studio

He says,

“My story is similar to one you may have heard before. [It’s] Of Isaac Newton, when he discovered the concept of gravity as an apple had fallen from a tree, landing on his head. Mine is similar because this idea of mine came to me while dropping my phone onto my face, instantaneously giving me [an] idea.”

Thibert has been working with on developing his invention with Idea Design Studio.

He adds,

As any young entrepreneur would, I feel fully committed and greatly appreciative of how my concept has come along. I believe in its motive and what it could bring to the fast pace moving world of technology and to the world of cellular devices. I’d love to see this idea come to life and be sold around the world to anyone and everyone. In Apple stores, YouTube adds, commercials, sides of buses for all I’d hope. The range is limitless.

My profession is business and immersing myself in opportunities that are beneficiary to the world around us.”

When Thibert isn’t busy being a young entrepreneur, he believes in keeping his body as healthy as his mind, and participates in a great deal of sports. His hobbies consist of creating adventures around British Columbia’s national parks and exploring the mountain ranges in the Okanagan Valley. He enjoys exploring, hiking and looking at the world from a different view.

In more ways than one.

“The True Sign Of Intelligence isn’t Knowledge, But Imagination” – Albert Einstein