Upcoming Inventor, Stacy Ferguson

LOS ANGELES - NOV 23:  Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson Duhamel at the

Idea Design Studio spotlights upcoming inventor, Stacy Ferguson; A proud dog-owner, who has created a revolutionary type of bedding for pets.

The problem with most doggie beds these days is that they are either unreasonably priced, uncomfortable, or both. After searching high and low for suitable beds to no avail, Ferguson decided to make a trip to the craft store and build her own prototype. Thanks to a natural love of building things and her ability to sew, she experienced immediate success.

She says,

“I put [it] on the floor just to see how my dogs would like it, well they love it and still to this day. They all have their own.”

Ferguson has been working closely with Idea Design Studio on building her invention. Here at Idea Design Studio, we assist inventors of all different stages with idea development from conceptualization to marketing.We take great pride in being able to turn innovative ideas into marketable products. The inventors work especially hard also.


Ferguson continues,

“I feel absolutely fantastic like a kid in a candy store about this invention, that is hopefully going to be a new sleeping habit for all the fur- friends out there. My main accomplish[ment] is that I would love to know all the owners are satisfied and fur-friends enjoying their new beds that are easy washable, reasonably priced, and in the most dreamy fabric.”

She adds,

“If you can dream it, you can make it, and one day it will become a reality, and knowing your greatest achievement will become a chapter in your life that you decided to take that Adventure on and knowing at the end of it, you can sit back and say I did that and not just that with great support behind you that is what has got me here today.”

Idea Design Studio is always ready to help others achieve their goals. To learn more about the services offered to inventors, including logo design and 3D designs, please visit https://ideadesignstudio.com/.








  1. My name is Stacy Ferguson, born in Houston Tx, but my home town is the great white beaches Pensacola, Fl. As of right now I help my father in his business doing construction, but in my past I have thought kids, was a firefighter, n also waitress other then that I’m a proud mom.
  2. My hobbies are sewing, painting, love building things, and mostly enjoying my family.


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