Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: Airvada Diadon Drone

Idea Design Studio takes inspiration from the newest and hottest inventions in the world, and one of these inventions is the Diadon Inflatable Drone, created by Airvada. Drones have become one of the most intriguing ideas of the last few years, and numerous companies have tried to design a drone that has better cameras, is smaller, and has longer battery lives. Airvada’s Diadon Inflatable Drone achieves all of these, and more. So join us, as Idea Design Studio salutes the achievements of Airvada, and their Diadon Inflatable Drone.

Avant Inflatable Drone.png

Airvada, a start-up company out of Toulouse, France has designed what that it claims to be the first inflatable drone. Based on videos and photos of the drone, it appears to be incredibly compact, and can inflate from its starting point to flight ability in about 30 seconds, via a CO2 cartridge. The drone can fly for upwards of 20-35 minutes, depending on the size of the drone, and can deflate in about 15 seconds. The drone is waterproof and can be outfitted with different parts, such as a HD camera or an infrared camera.

The main selling point of the Airvada drone is the compact nature of the product. The lightest option weighing in at only 0.44 pounds, it draws comparisons to a beach ball, with its inflatable arms and overall light look. The drone includes a carrying case, control tablet, and pump to inflate the drone.

Only taking up eight inches of space, it will be a great invention for those looking to take a drone while lightly packing, or trying to squeeze it in to a filled suitcase. Pricing options are not available at the moment, but Airvada says they will be announced shortly.

Idea Design Studio applauds the Airvada Diadon Inflatable Drone, and loves the ingenuity and compactness of the idea. Idea Design Studio is one of the world leaders in patents, invention design, and online marketing. For more information about Idea Design Studio, and its founder, former NFL fullback Marvin Powell III, check out “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”. Premiering in 2017, on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.


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