Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: AIRhub Bike Wheel

Idea Design Studio takes inspiration from the latest inventions to hit the market, and one of the inventions that has caught our eye is the AIRhub bike wheel.  Bikes are a fantastic way to exercise, and AIRHub takes it to the next level. The team at Terrain Dynamics have done a wonderful job adding that little extra push to a bike workout. So join us, as Idea Design Studio looks at the AIRhub Bike Wheel, and applaud the work of Terrain Dynamics!

Idea Design Studio

The AIRhub is meant to be used to gain that extra edge for professional bicyclists, but can be used by anybody looking to add to their workout. It works as an electromagnetic braking system, while being the “first and only on-road resistance training system in the world”, as it states on By utilizing a simple Bluetooth setup, it allows the rider to add as much or as little resistance to their bike as necessary. The AIRhub itself fits directly into the front spokes of your bicycle, no adjustments to your bike needed.

The AIRhub app gives you different types of training, much like a treadmill or any other electronic exercise equipment. Increasing coefficient and drag, measuring your heart rate and giving more or less resistance, and simulating the climbing of hills are all offered by using AIRhub. AIRhub is currently still in development and testing, but has been used by a few cyclists, who have given it rave reviews.

Idea Design Studio salutes the great work by Terrain Dynamics in creating this ingenious design. Idea Design Studio is one of the leaders in the patent, design, and invention-marketing world, and ideas like Airhub only make us work harder. For more information about Airhub, visit To learn more about Idea Design Studio, tune in to “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.


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