Idea Design Studio Celebrates Women’s History Month: Sara Blakely

It is Women’s History Month, and Idea Design Studio is looking at women that have made a difference in the entrepreneurial and invention fields. Idea Design Studio has created an incredibly successful brand, and it is in large part due to their appreciation of past inventors and creators. One of these brilliant minds is Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx. Join us, as Idea Design Studio celebrates the creations of Sara Blakely.

Idea Design Studio

Starting in the workforce as a door-to-door saleswoman selling fax machines, Blakely discovered that she could not find pantyhose that didn’t roll up the leg as she cut them. Investing her life savings, she designed a hosiery concept, which moved to the prototype stages.

While companies like Idea Design Studio manage prototypes successfully for inventors and businesses, Blakely used herself, family and friends as testers. By doing this, she discovered that the hosiery industry had been cutting costs by using the same size waistband and a rubber cord to tighten or loosen. Blakely decided to design different sized waistbands for different customers.

After filing a patent with the US Patent Office, she decided to package her product in a bit of a unique way. Using red as a bold color, she had different sizes of animated women, while other companies used the same kind of model. Coming up with the name, Blakely looked at Kodak and Coca-Cola, names that had a hard K sound in them, and came up with Spanks; eventually changing the Ks to an X at the end, and Spanx was born.

Launching the company out of her apartment in 2000, it rose to prominence when Oprah Winfrey featured Spanx on her show and followed up by interviewing the new inventor. Spanx became a very successful company, with numerous celebrity endorsements.

Idea Design Studio, and it’s co-founder, former professional football fullback Marvin Powell III, are committed to women’s rights and offer equal pay for equal work. Idea Design Studio recognizes the success of Sara Blakely and the many other women in the patent and design industry.

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