Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Tyler Zieske.

Zieske is a Carpenter by trade, who has worked all aspects of construction including fine cabinetry and finishing, with a background in mechanical, general fabrication, welding and equipment operation. His scope of experience combined with his natural creative abilities and a love of the outdoors all came together to enable the creation of a concept he is currently working diligently on with the team at Idea Design Studio.Idea Design Studio-.jpg

Idea Design Studio is a professional invention help firm based in Miami, Florida that specializes in all areas of idea development, from conceptualization stages to marketing. They work around the clock to cultivate inventors from every walk of life.

Zieske is an outdoor guy who immensely enjoys fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling, and creating things.

He says his concept came about as a necessity to solve a problem that doesn’t yet exist. It helps to organize and provide the convenience of having several items combined into one unique arrangement that makes life easier for fisherman, boating enthusiasts and many others including equipment operators, construction workers and tail gate party enthusiasts.

Being a creative problem solver and forward thinker, he needed a creative team that matched his ingenuity. Fortunately, he’s found that at Idea Design Studio and considers the collaboration to be one of his greatest accomplishments thus far.  He feels an innate sense of purpose, creating useful inventions for others.

He adds,

“I feel the idea is strong as far as its market potential and I am excited to see it monetize via a licensing agreement or in setting up a company to manufacture it myself. With the countless millions of small water crafts that exist in North America and the multibillion dollar sport fishing and pleasure craft industries, I feel this concept will experience a significant success.”

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