Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Sheldon Thibert

Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming inventor, Sheldon Thibert, a 22 yr. old, ambitious entrepreneur, and developing inventor who happened upon his idea in an unconventional way.

Idea Design Studio

He says,

“My story is similar to one you may have heard before. [It’s] Of Isaac Newton, when he discovered the concept of gravity as an apple had fallen from a tree, landing on his head. Mine is similar because this idea of mine came to me while dropping my phone onto my face, instantaneously giving me [an] idea.”

Thibert has been working with on developing his invention with Idea Design Studio.

He adds,

As any young entrepreneur would, I feel fully committed and greatly appreciative of how my concept has come along. I believe in its motive and what it could bring to the fast pace moving world of technology and to the world of cellular devices. I’d love to see this idea come to life and be sold around the world to anyone and everyone. In Apple stores, YouTube adds, commercials, sides of buses for all I’d hope. The range is limitless.

My profession is business and immersing myself in opportunities that are beneficiary to the world around us.”

When Thibert isn’t busy being a young entrepreneur, he believes in keeping his body as healthy as his mind, and participates in a great deal of sports. His hobbies consist of creating adventures around British Columbia’s national parks and exploring the mountain ranges in the Okanagan Valley. He enjoys exploring, hiking and looking at the world from a different view.

In more ways than one.

“The True Sign Of Intelligence isn’t Knowledge, But Imagination” – Albert Einstein

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