Idea Design Studio Presents Top 10 Patent Resources

Idea Design Studio can help with your patent search, preparation, and application. Here are some great resources for you to do some research on patents on your own as well.  Take some time and work through these sites when searching for prior art.

Idea Design Studio

  • Google Patents – this free search allows anyone to search the patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Be sure to review the claims section of the patents for the details to make sure that your invention is different.
  • Free Patents Online – It’s a free resource for to search and view but it is does not issue free patents. It also offers a paid patent service if you are unable to find what you’re looking for on the free side of the site.
  • US Copyright Office – Not everything qualifies for a patent, and those that fall under copyright protection can be tricky. This office has tools for inventors regarding copyright protection.
  • US Patent & Trademark Office – This may seem like the obvious choice, but the website is not easy to navigate. All of resources ar available, once you can find it. Details and specific information are all over this site.

Idea Design Studio knows networking is key in business, and some of these other sites may prove to be useful for networking and developing a business plan.

  • Thomas Registry – While not specifically for inventors or patents, this site has a listing of manufactures and contact information. Sorted neatly by category, this site can aide in research and presentation preparation.
  • Invent Now – This national organization began to help increase interest in the field of inventions. Programs are centered on inspiring the creative minds of youth. They encourage sponsors at inventor’s conference and Invention Hall of Fame as well.

Spend the time now doing some research, Idea Design Studio recommends, so that when you are ready to start the patent process, you are well prepared.

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