Idea Design Studio Highlights the Morpher Helmet as Great New 2016 Item

Idea Design Studio names the Morpher Helmet one of the best products from 2016.

Each year, new products come to market that can make a huge difference for individuals and the world that they live in.  These inventions may be used to improve the condition of the world through green innovations, or they might change the world by making life simpler, healthier, and safer for the greater population. Encouraging these kinds of innovations is extremely important because they can have a huge impact on the world in which they are used. In 2016 many new products with huge potential were released or announced, and to encourage inventors who are working on their own creations, Idea Design Studio would like to share information on one of its favorite new inventions from the past year.

Idea Design Studio

Today, Idea Design Studio would like to explore details on the Morpher, an advanced new bicycle helmet. Most people know how important it is to use a helmet when biking or taking part in other outdoor activities. Helmets are essential protective gear, and prevent serious head injuries in the case of an accident. However, Idea Design Studio also knows that there are many cyclists who still neglect to wear helmets, or forget to bring them along when they are needed. Some may simply forgo a helmet because they don’t want to try to store it when they reach a chosen destination. One fix for this kind of trouble is the Morpher.

The reason that the Morpher stands out against other helmets is that it is a foldable helmet, which is able to be folded down when it is not being worn. The helmet is easy to store in a backpack or bag and can be carried by cyclists wherever they go so that they can be ready for impromptu rides or other outdoor activities. Despite the fact that the Morpher can be collapsed, it meets all safety standards for bike helmets, and additionally it is made out of recyclable materials. While only a bike model is currently available, there are also plans to make Morpher brand helmets for sports such as skiing and skating to make safety more convenient for many sports fans. Idea Design Studio encourages inventors to learn more about the product by visiting

When someone thinks that they have the next big idea, they need the best tools and services available to help them turn their idea into a real product. The services available through Idea Design Studio, including 3D design, idea animation services, marketing services, and website logo design, can help many inventors realize their greatest ideas. To learn more about how the design experts can help any inventor please visit

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