Idea Design Studio Spotlights EATWELL Dinnerware Set

Today, Idea Design Studio shares information about an innovative new dinnerware set for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

Idea Design Studio believes that one of the biggest benefits of the modern world and its technologies is that these technologies can be used to help humanity. There are many new procedures, products, and ideas being conceived each day that can assist the medical field, or make everyday tasks easier for individuals who suffer from various health conditions. From artificial limbs to life saving procedures and medicines, science and technology can save and change lives. Even some of the most unassuming of these products can make a huge impact, and Idea Design Studio wants to share one example.

Invention Design Ideas Creative Imagination Concept

One of the most extraordinary inventions currently on the market for those with special needs or debilitating medical conditions is EATWELL dinnerware. This brightly colored set of cups, bowls, and spoons may not look like much at first, but the innovative design is changing many lives. The EATWELL set was specially designed to help those who have conditions that make it difficult for them to feed themselves. For example, these sets can help those individuals who have problems with motor skills, who have physical injuries, or those with mental and cognitive conditions.

Idea Design Studio especially appreciates the EATWELL set because it has a number of innovative features to make them easier to use. The bowls are slanted in design, helping food pool at one end of the dish so that it is easier to scoop the food, and the sides are at a right angle to prevent spilling and help the spoons pull along the edges for easier scooping.  The cups are designed so that they are not easily tipped and spilled, with one cup having a heavy base and the other a handle that can rest on a surface.

The EATWELL silverware is also specially designed, with curved handles allow them to easily reach into the bowls. Additionally, the entire set is made in bright, primary colors, so that the different pieces of the set are easily differentiated from each other. Altogether, this innovative set of simple tableware can make a huge difference for those with special need or disabilities, granting them independence by allowing them the ability to easily feed themselves even when they cannot use regular dishes or silverware. Check out to learn more about the product and how it is changing lives.

Idea Design Studio believes that even the simplest idea can offer exceptional benefits with the right cultivation. To help any creator build their ideas to their full potential, Idea Design Studio offers a variety of services and tools. To learn more about these services and tools, including logo design and 3D designs, available to inventors from Idea Design Studio please visit


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