Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, William Waterman

11682855 - young couple playing video games in the living room

It is estimated that somewhere around 155 million Americans play video games on a daily basis. Most people assume that number is limited to men when in fact, women account for nearly half of the gaming community. Even families can be seen playing with each other more and more, as a way of bonding.

The average gamer spends about three hours on videos games a day, which is helpful with strengthening coordination and memory improvement, while also reducing their level of stress and depression. However, the problem with excessive gaming is that, it requires sitting in one spot for an extended period of time which can wreak havoc on posture and cause cramping in the hands.

Upcoming inventor, William Waterman has been working closely with Idea Design Studio on making his invention something that all gamer’s can benefit from using.

He says,

“I came up with the idea from playing Xbox and watching my children and friends play. It’s always needed when we play; It’s just more fun when you’re comfortable. It will also give you so much more control with your controller.

I love the idea, my family and friends and their kids love the idea and I would love to see everyone with one of my products, enhancing their gaming experience and really having control of their game.”

When Mr. Waterman isn’t busy collaborating with Idea Design Studio, he enjoys bike riding, swimming and taking photographs with his camera. He also appreciates spending time with family and going on adventures, both in reality as well as virtual reality.

Idea Design Studio helps inventors of all types protect their ideas and inventions, and bring them to market. Inventors who are stuck in the design stage, stressed with patent applications, or who need help with marketing their product can turn to Idea Design Studio.

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