Idea Design Studio Helps Promote Women Inventors

Idea Design Studio is committed to helping men and women who desire to see their inventions prosper. Although only 10% of all patents awarded through 2000 were given to women, it is not too late to change the stigma in the 21st century. It’s not because women aren’t good inventors, it’s because there are additional hurdles women must overcome to get the recognition they deserve in this industry, including the struggle to get credit for their own ideas.
Idea Design Studio

In the example of Sybilla Masters, a Native American who lived in colonial America, the law was simply against her. She invented a new way to turn corn into cornmeal and headed off to Europe to obtain a patent. Women, at that time, couldn’t own property, which included intellectual property. So when a patent was finally issued for this procedure, it was issued to her husband Thomas, not her.

Property laws were not the only thing standing in the way of women inventors throughout history. Another was that women were often denied education, particularly technical education. Those who focused their efforts on inventions that would improve household tasks were ridiculed for creating things ‘too domestic.’

The first American woman to earn her won patent was Mary Kies, in 1809. Kies developed a way of weaving straw into hats that helped spur New England’s economic boom. She led the way for women inventors and their ability to receive proper credit for their ideas.

Several women have recently praised Idea Design Studio for their support, including Araceli Madrigal, who said, “Idea Design Studio was extremely helpful, they worked with me on my time and the whole process was really easy.”

Inventors, let nothing stand in your way! Idea Design Studio is proud to help all inventors work towards their dreams.


  1. Great article and very insightful. As a female entrepreneur, this article reminds me that society has yet reached its potential either socially, economically. I know there are so many women with ideas but lack the financial or motivating support, and in some cases but more importantly, the confidence to move forward. I would like to change all that. I see my invention as the tool which give me the financial ability to bring more women into the fold.


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