Idea Design Studio Helping Inventors


Idea Design Studio is proud to have helped so many clients take their ideas and make them a reality. They’ve helped so many clients with 3-D animation, branding and logo design, and marketing plans.

The team at Idea Design Studio feels lucky to be a part of so many success stories. They love to hear feedback from clients and truly enjoy their job.

Idea Design Studio


“This group is an amazing group to work with. Anytime I needed to change something, they did it very fast and they did it without hesitation. They really want to make sure that they give you your vision exactly how it is. They even gave me ideas I never thought of and I loved it all. All in all, my vision was brought to life, and they did everything perfectly,” Prisicila described in a recent testimonial.


The ideas and inventions remain yours and the team at Idea Design Studio works hard to bring your idea to fruition. Clients are consistently pleased with the team!

“Any time I had questions they answered as best and as quickly as they could. They helped me bring my idea to life!” said Shaina, a client who has been working with Idea Design Studio for over six months.

Inventors like Jay Burke, who created Fetch-n-Score and Tyrone Wilson, creator of the Swallow Sports Brace have become entrepreneurs that have worked with Idea Design Studio and found success. The company prides themselves on working with a variety of people and products, helping inventors with a range of experiences, from those just starting and those who have been selling products for years.

With so many inventions and companies out there, it is important to chose a team of professionals, like those at Idea Design Studio, to make sure you are receiving every bit of assistance and support you deserve.

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