Idea Design Studio Reviews Most Profitable Inventions

The experts at Idea Design Studio suggest that inventors look at history in order to get inspiration when they find themselves at a creative roadblock. From the time the wheel was invented in 3500 B.C. until today, inventors have overcome enormous challenges to bring some of the most amazingly ingenious ideas to fruition. Idea Design Studio is a professional team of experts that help modern day inventors see their concepts through to the retail phase.

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Most inventors can name the wheel as the most important invention of all time but are stumped when asked about the second most important one. Experts say it was the nail, which came along about 2,000 years ago. About 1,000 years ago, Chinese sailors invented the compass, which greatly expanded sea travel and trade. About 500 years later, the moveable printing press was invented by Gutenberg. Between the time it was invented in 1440 and 60 years later, the Gutenberg press was responsible for creating more than 20 million books. That marked the first time in human history, as reviewed by Idea Design Studio, that common people had access to printed material. Idea Design Studio experts show modern day inventors how to successfully copy plans for their patent applications.

About 400 years after Gutenberg’s groundbreaking press, two more inventions came along that literally changed the course of human history. They were the telephone and the internal combustion engine. Idea Design Studio experts note that the two are still at the heart of modern day society, as cars and phones are common sights in cities large and small.

Also in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the light bulb was invented. Note that in a 50-year period, three of the world’s most important inventions arose; the internal combustion engine, the light bulb, and the telephone. Shortly thereafter in the 1920s, scientists came up with a life-saving drug called penicillin. It saved millions of people from death and is still used today in the medical field. Idea Design Studio professionals point out that the most recent, and perhaps most significant invention of all time is a relatively recent technology called the Internet.

Idea Design Studio assists creators who want to protect their ideas and inventions and bring them to market as quickly as possible. Those who are stuck in the design stage, wrestling with patent applications, or who want help with the sales and marketing phase often turn to Idea Design Studio to get the ball rolling. The Idea Design Studio team has a long track record of helping inventors go from concept to retail sales.


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