Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Severine Johnson

Several weeks ago, Idea Design Studio asked their audience what inspires them. The response has been tremendous. Most people say family is what keeps them going, while others maintain money is their motivation. Then, there are those, like Idea Design Studio’s Upcoming Inventor, Severine Johnson, who assert they are driven by the people who try to pull them down.

Growing up, Johnson, who is now 23 years old, was always told she has a learning disability- that she doesn’t believe she has.

She states,

 I’ve had a lot of naysayers growing up. [They] were a whole lot stronger and louder I find than other people.  When you are put in a situation that I was a lot, most of the time people think you need extra help and always want to take you by the hand.  Once you start trying to pull, they just cling on harder to you.  A kid who is viewed neural typical normally, they just gradually let them go. But, me? I had to fight to get a lot of privileges, respect and to be heard in ways that other kids don’t have to demand so much from others.  Because, those kids aren’t viewed the same way as the learning difficulty child.

For this reason, Johnson pushes herself harder. There are no limitations to what she is capable of and she likes to keep herself open to anything. She enjoys making music, horseback riding, writing and developing ideas for products.

One day, at her pet store job, she came up with an idea for a new product that she knew was too good to ignore.

She says,

It was my second day there and as I was washing one of the dogs I thought, why do we have to do this for $12/hour when a machine can do this?  It could clean the dogs more thoroughly than a human. The groomer gave us a certain time frame and in some instances, the dog wasn’t cleaned or dried properly. Other times, the dog would have to be washed again. It’s a waste of water, shampoo, and energy.

That is when Johnson got in contact with Idea Design Studio and began working passionately on her project. She hopes it will give her a sense of what she is meant to do in life. She knows for certain she is meant to be in a creative field and aspires to be her own boss.

Working hard to get this idea on the market helps silence the negative voices in her head. It assures her that her ideas are good enough, that she is good enough and that everything she has fought for growing up, is finally paying off.

She concludes,

My greatest accomplishment would be this invention, with the help of Idea Design Studio. This is the first invention that I have actually had the guts to tell someone about, get in touch with the right people and watch it develop.  It’s unreal to see something that once started out as a thought turn into an actual real life product. Coming out with something that the whole world will one day use is, a good feeling. I am excited to see how it will do once it is in stores. I know this product can help save time for groomers and help our furry friends have a more pleasant experience.

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