Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Theresa Harper.

If you have ever tossed a brand new CD in the garbage pile, thanks to scratches on the back, than you know all about the frustration Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Theresa Harper, feels. Like any doting aunt, she enjoys showering her nephews with presents. Unfortunately, what they love the most are video games – expensive games that range anywhere from $50-$100 a piece.

Harper says,

I spend a lot of money buying my nephews games for their PlayStation and Xbox, to find out months later that they are ruined because of scratches.

She determined to find a way to protect them. As a flight attendant, with plenty of time to daydream and think about bettering the world, Harper finally came up with a solution. She contacted Idea Design Studio, an invention help firm located in Miami, FL and got started on her idea right away.

Harper was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Above everything, she enjoys spending time with her family the most. She says family means everything to her. Her hobbies include reading all kinds of books, putting together puzzles, traveling, trying new foods and meeting different people. She believes her greatest accomplishment in life so far has been going back to school after 12 years and finishing college. She is confident that her invention will be her next big accomplishment.

She adds,

I feel my product will help so many people. It’s something that everyone can use to preserve memories, CDs, DVDs, games, etc. I would love to see it all over the world because it protects important disks, it saves money and it just makes sense!



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