Idea Design Studio Spotlights Employee, Arlington Akins


Arlington is a Product Consultant at Idea Design Studio. He admits that he kind of stumbled into this industry. He is an R&B singer and songwriter and one of his music managers also managed a company that sold trade show space for major conventions. Arlington asked to try his hand at sales and ended up enjoying it. His time in the music world has made him comfortable talking to other people and more relatable to them. At IDS, he appreciates that every day is unpredictable and enjoys listening to what he believes to be some of the greatest ideas he has ever heard. His job is reviewing ideas and making sure they are marketable. From there, he help clients understand the process and gives them guidance.

In his spare time, Arlington still works on his music. In the past, he has done voice overs for radio stations and in the future, he would like to pursue a career in movie voice overs.

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