Idea Design Studio Spotlights Employee, Franz Alvarado


Franz is the Art Director at Idea Design Studio and oversees the design team as well as the 3D team. He has been in the design industry for a total of 7 years. What he likes most is the challenging aspects of each unique project. He got his start doodling designs on his tests in grade school -and getting in trouble for it. Now, he gets paid to do the same thing but hardly considers it work at all. He believes the key to being a great designer is working in a field he feels most energetically about. Inspired by a promise he made to his family, he focuses on always learning, refining, and perfecting whatever he can. 

Away from work, he aims to some day become a home owner and to be able to adopt a German shepherd puppy to join him and his cat, Vixy. His German shepherd will be named Hans, because it rhymes with Franz but also because it’s the name of his favorite character from Star Wars.

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