Idea Design Studio Spotlights Employee, Valery Rodriguez


Valery was raised in Nicaragua but born in Miami. She has been working at Idea Design Studio since September 2015. She successfully juggles being both a Project Manager and the Office Manager.

Valery is naturally outgoing and enjoys the interaction with her clients. Because she loves helping other people, she says it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of someone’s dream from the beginning to end.

Outside of IDS, her family and friends are her priority. She can be found on the weekends spending time with all of them. She is self described as being spontaneous and always ready for an adventure. She loves the Patriots, traveling and smiling. She is studying to become an orthodontist. She originally wanted to be a Veterinarian but decided she couldn’t watch animals in suffering.

As a huge animal lover, she hopes to make a difference someday by rescuing those in need. She is currently raising funds to donate to her local shelter. All of the money will go towards providing bedding, toys and food.

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