Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Linda Evans.

Too often you hear news stories about people being attacked while on walking and running trails, especially nowadays, with our surplus of technology.  Most people are connected to their phones in some manner, whether they are listening to music, speaking to someone or looking down texting. They may be distracted and unable to notice the approach of a potential perpetrator, especially if they have headphones on.

Idea Design Studio highlights upcoming Inventor, Linda Evans, who is confident she has a solution. 

The invention she has been working on Idea Design Studio with is a wearable device that will alert you when someone is approaching too closely.  

Imagine the sense of security you will feel when you are out, or while your loved one is out, knowing that you are equipped with something that can warn against, and possibly even scare off, an attacker. 

Evans, who is a mother and a Safety Advocate for schools, is creating this product because she wants people to feel more secure when they are outdoors.

She says,

“I came up with my idea by watching too many people getting hurting while performing outdoor activities. It’s important to me if I can help someone feel safer by using my product.“

She adds,

“There are so many crazy things going on in this world. I hope I can help someone’s life.”

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