Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Darron Harmon.

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Darron Harmon, describes himself as, “your average 9 to 5 worker, working in a warehouse to make ends meet.” He admits to having his share of setbacks in life but says it’s his beliefs in God and in the ability to keep getting back up that drives him. 

He says, 

I have been a very self motivated person all my life. I think big and I dream big. I am very positive and I like motivating other people.

As an everyday cheerleader in his own life, it seems fitting that Harmon is currently in the process of creating an invention, with Idea Design Studio, for sports fans everywhere to be able to cheer on their favorite teams.

Harmon thoroughly enjoys being a part of something that he knows will continue to boost the morale of sports arenas for years to come. 

I wanted to see fans enjoying something I invented and I wanted it to be available and affordable for families and fans to enjoy together.

He continues, 

For years, I’ve watched sports, especially football, and I look into the stands of 60 to 90 thousand screaming fans. But, I haven’t seen anything new for fans to enjoy wearing and support their teams with bragging rights. I feel great about my product. It will put a smile on my face, seeing my son,Ryan, and my daughter, Raven’s reactions when they see my invention out in stores.

Harmon wants all other Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventors, and every other kind of dreamer out there to know this: 

“Don’t stop dreaming!” 

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