Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Aubrey Pike.

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Aubrey Pike, a veteran with the United States Army, was surprised to learn how often the vast majority of his friends engage in unprotected intercourse. 

Pike knows that by choosing to skip condoms, you can significantly increase your chances of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Despite knowing the same facts, most men, including Pike’s friends, continue to opt out of wearing them. Why?

 Simply put, condoms tend to reduce a man’s utmost pleasurable sensations.

Pike, determined to find a way to keep the maximum gratification without exposing oneself to the aforementioned scenarios, got together with Idea Design Studio, an invention help firm from located in Miami, Fl and began working on his invention. 

His solution was to create  a condom – But, not just any condom. Pike’s condom is uniquely and immensely pleasing for both participants. It is something the man  will look forward to putting  on and that his partner will beg him not to take off! 

Does he have your attention?

Who knew there was a way to make something fun, even more fun? Safe fun, is an added bonus! 

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