Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor, Aaron Worthy.

Hover boards have been all the rage for the past several months. Everyone is either talking about how much they love the one they have or how much they need to get one for themselves. There is a plethora of shops selling them in every kind of color with different features such as built-in bluetooths and even speakers. Still, there is one feature that surprisingly hasn’t been thought of yet. That is, until Aaron Worthy came along. 

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Aaron Worthy, from Philadelphia, PA, believes he is on to something that people will be interested in accessorizing their Hover boards with. 

Worthy begins,

When I first got my hover board, I took it outside to get familiar with it and learn how to ride it. As it flipped over and rocked back and forth from mounting on and off while trying to get familiar with how to operate it, I realized that there is no way anyone could ride one of these things without it getting scratched and scraped at some point. I said to myself: “Man, somebody should do something about this.

That is exactly what he set out to do. He contacted Idea Design Studio, an invention help firm located in Miami, Fl, and got to work on his invention. 

Worthy continues, 

I’m excited because hover boards are such popular items and I honestly feel like my idea is the next logical step. To me, it’s common sense.

When he isn’t collaborating with Idea Design Studio, Worthy spends his spare time with his wife, whom he gushes is his high school sweet heart. He also enjoys creating music.

He adds, 

I’m a singer, rapper, songwriter, and all around entertainer. My stage name is Double-A. In 2010 I wrote a song for a pop star in Germany by the name of Joana Zimmer. I was also featured on that same song.  I record and mix my own music. I’ve released two independent albums that have been sold on iTunes, Amazon, and other online venues. I’m currently working on a third album as well.

Stay tuned for more information on his hover board product! 

In the meantime, you can follow these links to hear some of his music and even watch his adorable marriage proposal.

1.) Proposal Video:

2.) Joana Zimmer – Move Ya Body (feat. Double-A):

3.) Double-A – No More Seasons (feat. Quennel “Q” Worthy)


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