Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Zion Abraha

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Zion Abraha, says she loves eating, so, it’s a good thing that she also loves working out. She considers it to be her daily therapy. From a young age, she developed a fondness for competitive swimming, as well as, soccer. To this day, she still enjoys playing both. 

At one point in time, Abraha took up interest in body building and began practicing with a friend who competes in figure events. 

Before long, her hands were covered with bothersome calluses from all of the pinching and heavy weight-lifting.  

When it seemed like nothing was able to soothe or improve her aching hands, she got the idea to make her own invention. After doing some research, she gathered the materials needed in order to assemble her prototype. Her friend tested it out and was sincerely impressed. She thought it would have definitely benefited her during her early training days. 

Abraha knew she was on to something good! She contacted Idea Design Studio, an invention company located in Miami, Fl and got serious about her idea. 

She says, 

I think my idea is pretty good. I don’t want to say genius – but close to it! Haha.

This product has helped me tremendously and I know it will help people in so many different ways, not just people that are working out in the gym or bodybuilders but also everyday people that have to use their hands for strenuous work or labor such as, construction workers, gardeners and cyclists.

When Idea Design Studio asks Abraha what her greatest accomplishment has been to date, she replies without hesitation,

My sweet son. I love being a mother. 

She adds, 

Career wise, I would say the fact that I am taking a leap of faith in the business ventures I am persuing, this product being on of the biggest of them. Although I work in corporate America, my true passion is the ideas and businesses that I have put into place and would like to grow.

When she’s not busy working on her invention with Idea Design Studio, raising her son -or eating, Abraha, who is originally from Eritrea, Africa, loves traveling. She believes it cultures you and advises everyone to explore other countries in their lifetime. 

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