Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Tammy Frazier

Would you agree that necessity is in fact the mother of invention?

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Tammy Frazier, of Camden, Arkansas says yes. 

Her idea came to her in the middle of the pouring rain, during 45-degree weather one winter night. With a flat tire, carpal tunnel and only one free hand to fight with the air hose, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was a better way to fill it.  

Admittedly, Frazier says she has never been particularly good at putting air in her tires. Despite having, what she refers to as a, “Shade tree mechanic” for a dad, who taught her how to properly change a tire, she is still puzzled when it comes to inflating one.

She believes that the current devices being used are out-dated and as hard to read as an old thermometer. The good ol’ eye-ball technique was her fall back method until a mechanic informed her that her tires were actually 60 pounds over the recommended pressure, putting her at risk of popping one on the road. An embarrassed and determined Frazier sought a better and safer solution. That is when she got the idea for what she calls, The Tire Toggle. 

She teamed up with Idea Design Studio, an invention company located in Miami, Fl and began working on her invention idea.

Her device is fairly small, making it extremely convenient for car storage purposes. It is also simple to use, with features such as a digital screen and an alarm that will sound off to let you know when your tire has reached the required capacity. 

Easy peasy!

, she says enthusiastically. 

No more struggling to fill up your tires at the gas station and no more guessing how much air to put in.

Frazier adds,

I’ve been described as a workaholic, so I don’t have a lot of free time. But often, during ‘me’ time, I try to think of ways to solve some of the challenges of everyday living…

I’m really excited about working with Idea Design Studio to get this product out to people like me who are somewhat challenged when it comes to tire care! Hopefully, as people travel all over the country this summer during vacation season, drivers will have peace of mind about their tires with the help of my Tire Toggle!

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