Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Leslie Tellez


Have you ever felt less than fresh? You know where.

Let’s be frank. 

Vaginal discharge may serve a perfectly normal and purposeful function to our reproductive systems but, let’s face it, we aren’t exactly jumping up and down over it. The messy truth is, sometimes it gets stuck in our panties. It’s cumbersome and it’s embarrassing. 

Leslie Tellez, a 35 year old, single mother of two, believes she has the solution for women everywhere and she is here to 

   Help make it happen

for Feminine Health & Hygiene!

 Her idea, the Sofft Pad, will be unlike any pad before. It provides women with a sensitive-odor and flawless feminine touch. It is completely comfortable to wear (and even flushable!) Tellez believes she has revolutionized the game. 

I came up with the concept of my Idea by being a woman and talking to other women, realizing discharge is something a lot of us women have, go through and get irritated with.  I wanted and desired to figure out a solution that would benefit not just me but other women as well.

Tellez also believes that, 


And that is exactly what she is doing. 

I had the vision of my idea for over six years. I’m so grateful to finally be sharing my idea with the world! 

Helping others is what keeps my life balanced and happy and I believe this product will help millions of women around the world.

 When she isn’t working with Idea Design Studio in her crusade against below-the-belt offenders, Tellez enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music and reading poetry.

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