Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Tilfnique Vaughn

Anyone who has ever tried styling their hair in front of a mirror has undoubtedly struggled to see the back of their head at some point. It’s a hassle that Tilfnique Vaughn knows all too well. The mother of two says she normally does the front of her hair and then asks one of her daughters to assist with the back. If they aren’t home, she resorts to juggling a handheld mirror until the job is done, a task that is less than ideal. 

Determined to find a better way, Vaughn began brainstorming ways to create a free-standing mirror which would allow herself to see all angles of her head without the strife. Finally, she had her idea. 


She exclaims, adding,  

I knew I had to put this unique product in motion. I feel great and very excited to be able to offer it to everyone struggling with their hair. I know the customers buying my multi-use mirror will be happy with this remarkable easy to use product.

As someone who grew up from a life of poverty, Vaughn describes herself as hard-working, strong and independent. She promises she possesses the determination to not only get the job done but, to get it done successfully. And, the hot-yoga she practices in her spare time can attest to the amount of heat Vaughn can handle. She won’t mess around. She aims to have satisfied customers all over the world. 

I enjoy being me. I’m a bless mother of two healthy beautiful daughters and now, I’m on my amazing journey to become a successful inventor.


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