Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Robert Smith

Kites have been appreciated for centuries for both recreational and practical uses, all the way from aerial ballet to kite fishing. But, leave it to the parent of twins, to find a way to amp up the kite game in a way we are not used to experiencing them.


Robert Smith recalls the day that his idea came to him.

As someone who grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri and spent a lot of his childhood camping, riding dirt bikes and reveling in every other kind of sport in the outdoor world, he has always enjoyed passing time with his children in the same manner. 

One day, he was outside with his son and daughter, flying kites together, when Smith says he was having a hard time helping them fly theirs while keeping a steady grip on his own. He decided to tie his to a post in order to give theirs full attention. Eventually, he forgot all about it until well after the sun had gone down, at which point, it was hard to spot in the darkened night sky. After a failed attempt to keep a spot light on it, he yanked it down, slapped on some glow-sticks that were hanging nearby and sent it soaring back up through the air. 

Not only did the idea work,

Oh, did it work!

Smith reminisces, but people began filing over from far away to marvel at the luminescent wonder dancing in the sky. They also inquired about where they could get their own.  

Smith continues,

That is when the name Night Flight Kites came to mind and the quest began.


The kites had to possess lights and a battery pack but still be light enough for the wind to carry them. Smith played around with different materials until finally, he developed a functioning stunt kite that he was able to test in public. Once again, it sparked interest and people wanted to know where they could purchase their own. 

He decided it was time to get serious about his project and began marketing his idea. 

With the help of Idea Design Studio, he was able to obtain a provisional patent and is currently working on getting the utility patent. 

Night Flight Kites are lit up by multi-colored LED lights which are embedded into the ribs. They have flexible joints to make them more convenient for folding up during travel and stowing away when not in use. That is, if they ever even make it to storage. Once you have flown one and experienced the fun firsthand, you will be sure to keep yours handy in anticipation of each and every beautiful night.   

 Smith adds, 

I believe Night Flight Kites will bring families together for a fun night time activity. This product is not limited to just coastal beaches. It can be enjoyed anywhere and any time. But, I have found flying a kite at night is much more enjoyable than during the day…

 This is my passion and it is [mine and my wife’s] dream to make the night skies light up with Night Flight Kites. We would like to make this product a business and a full time career.


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