Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Lisa Maldonado

It’s never too late to be an Inventor. 

Lisa Maldonado, from Hobart, Oklahoma, knows that. 

After working in private care with the elderly for twenty years, she determined that after her 50th birthday she would “never work for another man’s dollar again.” 

Maldonado says she looks at life and is always coming up with ways to make it better, safer and easier. While reading the Bible one day, she discovered that she could ask the Lord for witty inventions. So, she did. 

As a mom to 3 children and a grandma of 7, naturally her first creation came in the form of a baby bottle. Not just any baby bottle, though. Remembering her late nights of fumbling in the dark with a screaming, hungry baby in tow, Maldonado made her “glowby baby bottle” so that parents could easily spot and fix their infants bottles without ever having to turn on the pesky light.  

After the birth of her youngest grandchild, 4 months ago, she figured what better time to get started on her invention than right now? 

She credits her faith and God’s word to her 35 years of marriage with her husband, Rick, their life together and whatever other success she might have down the line.  

She adds, 

Deuteronomy 8:18 says, it is the Lord, your God, that gives you the power to get wealth.

She asked Him for inventions and He delivered, giving her several easy to market ideas. 

Maldonado says she can’t wait until the bottles are finished so that she can get started with Idea Design Studio on her next ideas. 


  1. I as lisa maldonados youngest daughter love this idea!! And i am working on my own 4th child! 😊 with the glowby baby bottle in hand I wouldnt have to fumble around stepping on my older childrens toys trying to find an ordinary bottle and not wake my sleeping angels in the process. I cant wait for this to come to market so I myself can purchase and never have to groggily fumble through the dark again!! ❤


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