Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Brittney Raven

You’ve set your favorite song to play on your cellphone and you’re just about to nail the chorus the way you’ve done a thousand times before when all of a sudden a notification sounds off, your music pauses and your groove is interrupted. How frustrating!

Brittney Raven, 25, from Houston, Texas knows a real rock star doesn’t deal with that and thinks you shouldn’t have to either. She says music is an important part of her life and she listens to it every single day, especially on her phone. That is why she is working with Idea Design Studio on a special program, called the Background Singer, which will be applied to cellphones.

Gone will be the days where you have to choose between answering your call or playing out the rest of your song. Soon, you will be able to take a call and read a message without any interruptions to your playlist.

Raven is hopeful her invention will be successful. She says,

Music plays such a vital role in society and no one likes to have their favorite anything interrupted. Bottom line: Why stop the party? Let’s keep it going!

Aside from wanting to better the listening experience for people everywhere, Raven has two other reasons why this project means such a great deal to her: Her children.

She reveals that she and her four siblings were raised by a single mother who worked extra hard to make sure that their family was always provided for. She attributes her own drive to be successful to growing up and witnessing her mother’s struggle. She adds that this idea not only stemmed from her mind but also her heart.

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