Creative Travel Bags

What happens when you combine a talented, hard working, mother/daughter duo, Peggy and Rachelle, with shared interests in decorating, fashion and crafts?

You get a thriving business called, Creative Travel Bags, that has a down-to-earth aura and several stunning (and practical) travel bags. 

 Peggy has been working at an airport for the last 7 years, watching travelers struggle to carry pillows and blankets in addition to their heaps of other luggage. She knew she could create a more comfortable and convenient solution for them. She brought her daughter, Rachelle, on board with her idea and together, that is how the Reversac was born. A useful bag with the design of your choosing that stows a personal pillow inside and promises to make your trip way more enjoyable, whether it is on an airplane, car ride or an overnight stay at grandma’s house. 


Peggy comes up with the visual concepts and does all of the sewing while Rachell assists with the over all design of the products.

When the pair originally started, they had no idea that they would make such a fantastic professional team.  

They both agree that this venture has been especially rewarding for them, not only for bringing them closer but also for allowing them to show their children and grandchildren that anything is possible. What was once a mere vision is now a reality and they couldn’t be more elated. 

What’s more, with their business flourishing, they have decided to aid organizations that are “near and dear to [their] hearts”. They are proud supporters of animals in need, The Breast Cancer foundation and The Lupus foundation, after Rachell’s 18 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with lupus. 

Be sure to check out their website before your next trip- or now!


Here Peggy and Rachelle are pictured with one of Idea Design Studio’s Project Managers, Jermaine Porter. 

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