Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Calvin Casher


If you have ever hosted a sizable party and been stuck with more left overs than anticipated, you probably know the frustrations of not having enough room in your refrigerator for all of the unused beverages: Sodas that go flat quicker, hazardous bottles discarded on the counter-tops and opened wine bottles lacking flavor due to missing or broken corks can leave anyone feeling pretty deflated.

Calvin C. Casher, from Mobile, Alabama, is one of 15 children and knows all about big parties and left-overs. He recalls a particularly frustrating instance one holiday that motivated him to come up with what he believes is an impressive solution.

Casher, a disabled veteran who enjoys jazz music, fishing and home repair projects, is thrilled to be working with Idea Design Studio on his Refrigerated Multi Beverage Dispenser, a product that is beneficial to both businesses and homeowners alike.

 He says with the RMBD you can expect to

throw in some laughs, good food and conversations while generating bulk savings and prolonged freshness from the convenience of your own bar or countertop.

Did we mention the design is environmentally friendly? It helps to reduce waste and the amount of potentially harmful glass containers that aren’t always disposed of properly.

That’s one more quality to raise your cup to!

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