Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Bryan Tuell


When you are kid and your family doesn’t have the money to purchase a bunch of toys for you, what do you do? According to Bryan Tuell, a promising new inventor who was born in Oklahoma and raised in Arizona, you learn to entertain yourself, like he did growing up. He attributes his innovativeness to an upbringing where he had no choice but to create a world of his own.

I had a very poor childhood. I had to make my own toys, as we could not afford any,  Tuell stated.

His imagination didn’t end there. 

As an adult, he still enjoys creating things. Some of his other favored pastimes include driving, playing pool and the guitar.

As for his invention, Tuell said, 

At 19 I fell off a latter and broke my back. This put me on disability [and] I’ve been on it since. I can’t hold a job for long as the pain gets bad.

Soaking in the bathtub one evening, he had something wash over him. And, it wasn’t the bubbles.  It was a fascinating concept for an affordable, portable, personal jacuzzi. 

He immediately started drawing up sketches for his vision and contacted Idea Design Studio to get started. 

A personal jacuzzi. Does he have your attention?  Keep checking back on our website for Tuell’s latest progress. 

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