IDS and Their Trusted Affiliates

If you don’t know already,

Idea Design Studio in Miami is a 100% confidential invention help firm that equips inventors with the design, development, protection and marketing tools needed in order to bring their new invention to a marketable platform. Since their start in 2005, they have helped close to 1,000 investors obtain provisional and non-provisional patents. After Idea Design Studio Announced a Company Reorganization and re-branding that took place this July, they have been hustling to build on their new and improved vision, making several in-house changes. One thing they won’t be changing is the friendship and professional relationship they have established with XYZ .  



XYZ  is a digital 3D Design and Animation Studio, headed by Norm Alvarez, that has been collaborating with Idea Design Studio on projects since 2007. Together, they have pumped out numerous well-known products such as The Shake Weight, The Sleeve 360, The Swing Correct and most recently, the Swallow.

Both IDS and XYZ  share similar work ethics and equally impressive creative staffs. It’s not any wonder that their collaboration has been tremendously successful, generating over $40 million dollars in product sales. They’re a match made in a three-letter acronym heaven and the best invention design firm in the industry. 

What does the power duo have in store next?  They are unable to divulge any details at the moment but assert that they are currently engrossed with several works-in-progress. 

For more information on how to get started on your own patent with Idea Design Studio, you can visit their website:

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