Employees Who Play Together, Stay Together. Duty And Case Go To The Boston FIG

Today, Morgan Duty and Justin Case, two members from Idea Design Studio’s graphic design team, are making their way over to the Boston Festival of Indie Games, an annual non-profit organization with the State of Massachusetts that is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of game developers. All types of games will be celebrated from video games to tabletop games that feature demonstrations from brand new inventors looking to be on the market as well as already established game makers in the area. 


Duty, who works all week on aiding IDS clients with their products, knows firsthand the amount of sweat and determination that goes into pursuing and developing your own invention.  Two years ago, he awoke from a dream that supplied him with all of the inspiration he needed to get started. Unable to shake it off, he immediately began jotting down notes and building towards what would later become, CASTERS.  


After crowd-testing his game at two smaller, local conventions in his hometown area, International Table Top Day at Tate’s Comics and the Fla Min Go Con, he put in a submission to the Boston FIG.  Out the hundreds of applicants who sent in their games, only 55 were selected. CASTERS was one of them. Today it will stand another round of testing, this time with an audience and potential publishers scoping out the area.

Duty says the whole experience is surreal. He feels fortunate to have been selected and given this incredible opportunity. Gregarious by nature, he is most looking forward to getting in front of a big group and he is confident of a chance at snagging the audience award. 

The remarkable art work displayed throughout the game and on all of the promotional gear was done by IDS member, Luis Soto, putting the game in the running for best art work also.


Case, yet another IDS designer and friend, who is frequently described as “laid back” by fellow employees, accompanied Duty for moral support and is just plain happy to be a long for the ride.  Certainly, a promised celebratory stop at the bar, CHEERS, might have had some influence. (Yes, THE actual CHEERS). 

Jeff Weiss and Marvin Powell III , directors with the company, went on a similar escapade last weekend to an inventors convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The staff at IDS have visibly built a camaraderie that surpasses a 9-5 work week. 

They believe that employees who play together, stay together.  

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