Powell And Weiss Have Big Plans For This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is a holiday where Americans recognize the achievements made by our workers throughout the year. It is a paid day off filled with ultimate rest and relaxation. Most everyone all over the United States is counting down the hours until Friday. They are looking forward to the many non-work related things they have lined up for this upcoming holiday weekend, barbecues, street parades, the beach, all of the traditional ways of celebrating since the very first Labor Day was held on September 5, 1882. 

With much successes to celebrate, the Directors of Idea Design Studio in Miami, Marvin Powell III and Jeff Weiss figure what better place to venture than Las Vegas, Nevada?  Absolutely driven and unwilling to lose sight of the greater mission for even one weekend, they will be mixing business with pleasure by heading to SabaKon 2015, an annual pop culture convention that devotes 3 days to promoting the cultural and educational aspects of Animation, Gaming, and Innovation. 


Powell says it is an event they have looked forward to participating in each year since it started in 2011, as it is always a prosperous place to meet investors for their clients. 

Powell and Weiss aren’t promising what happens in Vegas will stay there.  In fact, they fully intend to lug it all back with them- thrill, inspirations, leads and all. 

|Written By: Emily Duty

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