Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Shelly Lunde

It was fall of 2014 and there was Shelly Lunde, out on a hunting trip, sitting in her tree stand in ten degree weather.  It was then that she began thinking up innovative ways to keep herself warm during future adventures and for anybody else who might have to be out in the cold an extended period of time. Thus, the SS HotSpot was born, an ingenious solution for winter sports lovers as well as the vast majority of emergency personnel, like police officers, fire fighters, EMT and dive units. 


Lunde, a mother of three, says she grew up with a fondness for the outdoors and believes she instilled that same love in each of her children, Trenton, Taylor and Teagan. 

ShellKids14 (109)

 She gushes, 

In Wisconsin, at the age of 12, you can take your Hunter’s Education course, but even before that, I was exploring, fishing, camping, hiking, swimming and finally hunting.  I just truly enjoy the outdoors! 

When she’s not spending time outside with her own family, you can find her dabbling in photography or working with other kids.  Lunde has spent the last 19 years teaching special needs children in the public school system and will soon be switching over to preschoolers. 

She credits her friend, Steve Johnson, who equally shares her passion for the great outdoor world, with playing an important role in the development of her product. Johnson is a former US Army Veteran who served in Desert Storm as Chief of Police and a proud father to five kids total, 2 of which are currently active in the military themselves.  

Lunde says of her invention that she was simply tired of freezing, attempting to do what she loves and that,

 Life is short, so you have to give it all you’ve got !

She thought of an idea and went for it. 

Both Lunde and Johnson believe that their HotSpot will benefit millions of people and look forward to warming up the population. 

|Written By: Emily Duty

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