Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Tyrone Wilson

Make room,  Shake Weight! Marvin Powell, former professional football player and one of the current directors at Idea Design Studio, an invention help firm located in Miami, Florida, thinks the sports medicine market has uncovered its newest celebrated product. 

If you are a soccer, basketball or football player, searching for extra support in your footwear, look no further than the Swallow. It is a patent-pending sports ankle brace made in Washington, North Carolina that was designed to do exactly that. By lacing the added fabric into your own shoe, it readily converts low cut shoes into high top shoes at absolutely zero inconvenience.


Tyrone Wilson, creator of the Swallow ankle brace, believes it is the perfect solution to protect amateur and professional players against avoidable ankle injuries. 

Wilson graduated from Washington High School in 1988. He went on to do three years of college at Philip Junior College in Raleigh, before heading back home with a determination to create his own business. That business would later become “Wilson Cleaning”, a service that provides pressure washing, mobile car washing and more. He asserts that after 20 years, it is still going strong. 


A devoted husband and father, Wilson affectionately refers to his  “lovely wife, Stephanie” and “two great kids”, Ty’Asia and Tyrone Jr – who is revealed to be the inspiration behind the idea.   

He continues,

One day, I was trying to buy some cleats for my son, which my son likes the most colorful ones with no support.  But what he needed was high tops with a lot of support. That’s when my mind started to go to work. How could I turn a pair of low cut soccer cleats into a pair of high top football cleats. And Swallow was born.

Terrance Copper, a former Kansas City Chief player, was quoted as saying that if he had access to the Swallow brace when he was playing, he would have used it. Instead, Cooper uses it now in his every day life, for added support while walking.

Senior citizens are anticipated to benefit as well.

Each brace can be customized with a variety of colors and styles. For more information, or a short demonstrational video, you can visit   


|Written By: Emily Duty


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