Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Barb Casa

Sometimes, a great invention lands right in to your lap. Other times, you plummet into your invention’s lap, like in the case of Barb Casa, a 60 year old woman from St. Petersburg, Florida who fell off her ladder and broke her ankle one winter, after attempting to mount christmas lights on her house. Just like that, she thought up a solution to help keep other people from experiencing the same mishap. She then brought her concept to Idea Design Studio, in Miami, for further improvement. It is anticipated to be sold in all home improvement stores and general supply stores. 


Casa said, 

“All my life, I would look at things and think this should have this or this should do that and I finally got to a point where I said, this needs to be out there!!”

She describes herself as a “do-it yourselfer”, jokingly adding it’s “A.D.D”. Then, she attributes it honestly to being raised in New England, Massachusetts, as one of nine children. (Which is likely where she developed her lively sense of humor, as well) 

“I can paint, tile, design, whatever.  I am an artist, I love photography and drawing, color pencils, pastels, water-colors, oils and acrylics. I can sew, sculpt clay and metal, paper fold, reupholster furniture and design jewelry. Growing up in such a large family is what made me and most of my brothers and sisters very hands on-do it yourself kind of people. I watched my mom and dad do everything that needed to get done around the house and became just like them. This is where my invention came from!”

Her resume certainly vouches for such a wide array of talents, listing careers from accounting and bar tending all the way to repairing watchbands and running a personal bakery. Casa, who is first and foremost a wife, a mother to three children (plus 2 cats) and a grandmother to a beautiful baby grandson, looks forward to the day she can tack “Inventor” on to her list of accomplishments. 

|Written By: Emily Duty

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