Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: The Davis Family

They say your kids keep you young. In the case of Tim and Robin Davis, it was their middle-school aged son, Brandon’s, love and knowledge of smart phones that kept them in the loop with this generation of avid electronic users.  That combined with their own occupations and hobbies, they were inspired to develop a unique line of technology products; One they feel will prove both entertaining and beneficial for a wide range of people and even their pets. 

Tim is a Medical Technician who has worked in the medical field for 35 years. He enjoys art and water sports. 

Robin is an Electronic Technician, who has an AS degree in Computer Electronics Technology. She is passionate about photography and music and plays the bass guitar. 

Their son Brandon is a straight A student in the 8th grade. He likes playing the drums and of course, video games. 

Today’s society is always searching for the latest devices that use mobile technology in order to interact with each other. The Davis Family has been working with Idea Design Studio on developing something that promises to do exactly that, and they are extremely confident about the marketability of their product. They look forward to launching it soon and expect it will be the next fad. 

Families that play together, stay together.


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