Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Laura Restrepo Believes In Loving YourSELFIE

Most people know what it’s like growing up with a mother who is always snapping your picture. She has it pointed in your face for each milestone you accomplish and  holiday that you celebrate or sometimes, for no particular reason at all. Laura Restrepo’s childhood wasn’t any different. 

“Ever since I was a little girl, I would throw on something cute, put on a pair of my moms heels & there would be my mom taking pictures of me.” 

Now, at age 21 and a mother herself, to two year old son, Jeffrey, whom she gushes is “every single beat of her heart”, she has been undoubtedly gathering her own collection.

Sprouting up under the spotlight visibly sparked a fondness of photography in her and her siblings. Both of her older brothers capture photographs professionally. 

Restrepo adds, 

“They got their big fancy cameras and are great at what they do.”

 As for her, she currently works in Clermont, Florida as a front desk agent but aspires to be a high class model some day. In the meantime, she jokes that she has no problem settling for title of, “Laura, the selfie queen”, probably because she can be found taking pictures of herself when she’s not taking them of her son. 


Her passion for pictures lead her into thinking up a way to better selfies, and pictures in general, for everyone. 

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then reviewers will have much to talk about when they discover the product she has been diligently working on Idea Design Studio with. 

She promises, 

“I plan to change the game in selfies or better said pictures & making videos & great looking memories.” 

She has our full attention. After all, who doesn’t love looking at pictures of themselves? 

Hey, you gotta love yourSELFIE! 

|Written By: Emily Duty

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