Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Chuck Weaver

Chuck Weaver, 33, is a Chicago native who moved a lot growing up. He bounced around from San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Canton, Michigan;  Orlando, Florida; and Blacksburg, Virginia, to name a few.  

He started working when he was just nine years old, operating his own empty bottle and can business, collecting black bags full and turning them into local recycle collectors for profit. From there, he went on to mowing lawns and shoveling snow, basically anything to earn money.

At 18, he joined the Army, enlisting for an eight year contract as a diesel mechanic attached to a military police unit.

Upon getting out, he settled down with a wife and daughter. It wasn’t long before he was thinking of his next plan of action. That is when he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina for an employment opportunity with a moving company.

“I moved people successfully for about 7 months and during so, people would approach me about side jobs that didn’t require a big moving truck. And that is when I started formulating my app business in mind. Thus “Chucks Trucks” was born.  A business of its very own that’s about really helping others, as is the person that I am.”

On Aug 3, 2015, he wrote on his social media page,
“The feeling of knowing that you’re going to accomplish something great, that will transform everything in your life, is a feeling I have finally come to know. I am blessed.”
Weaver, the young boy who was determined to go places, is now the man who wants to take other people places with him. And, with Chucks Trucks, he can.  He has arrived where he believes he is meant to make a difference. 
Follow Chuck on Twitter: @Cjw8792
| Written By: Emily Duty

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