Idea Design Studio Announces Company Reorganization


When Marvin Powell III and Jeff Weiss first met in the third grade, there were most likely talks of favorite sports teams, the cafeteria hot spots and their sizable plans for the fourth grade. They never dreamed that one day, they would be joint managing directors for a thriving invention help firm located in Miami, Florida, where inventors take their original ideas and seek assistance in flourishing them to their truest potentials.

Powell, the son of former New York Jets player and tax/entertainment lawyer, Marvin Powell Jr, studied history and played professional football for numerous well-known teams, including the Saints, Packers, and Broncos.

Weiss, son of a successful entrepreneur in the garment industry, Fred Weiss, obtained a business degree from Florida State and has productively launched three industry-related companies. 

The ambitious best-friend duo have been collaborating their creative talents at Idea Design Studios for several years now, acting as executives for the company since 2005.  Both are amped up about their latest promotions to managing directors, after the company-wide reorganization and re-branding that took place this July. 

Due to the reorganization, the company will be opening a brand new marketing division to help inventors with pursuing fresh product sales in public and private markets such as manufacturing and retail industries.

They are currently implementing a “major growth strategy”, with the help of their board of directors and advanced top operational management team. Both Powell and Weiss are confident in their efforts to grow and diversify the company and have high aspirations for what is to come.

“To grow, IDS has to diversify,” said Weiss.

“Over the past year, we have been quite diligent in studying where IDS is at and what it needs to accomplish to get to where we want it to go in the years ahead. We have revitalized our board, conducted an international search for experienced product scouts, laid out an aggressive strategy for diversification and restructured our internal operations to provide a scalable organizational structure.”

As part of its restructuring effort, IDS has made management adjustments and promotions from among its current workforce; the individuals will now have enhanced responsibilities and report to both Powell and Weiss. 

It is evident that whether the pair is tackling third grade, the defensive line or brainstorms, their shared history and fervor prove most promising for this endeavor. 

Idea Design Studio has helped inventors handle such issues as product design, product development, patenting, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing. Communications with Idea Design Studio are 100 percent confidential. To learn more, call Idea Design Studio toll-free at 888-864-1780 or visit them online at
| Written By: Emily Duty

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