Idea Design Studio Highlights Upcoming Inventor: Derrick Harris

Joy. Sadness. Anger. Wonder. Envy. Pride. Togetherness. Longing. Confusion. Love. Hope. Inspiration.

Music can evoke a colorful array of emotions from within every single one of us. 

It is something that we all relate to, no matter what walk of life we are from. We instinctively move when we hear the slightest beat, catch ourselves humming random tunes throughout the day and can be sent on a wave of nostalgia from the strum of a single chord.  

It’s powerful. 

Derrick Harris, from Little Rock, Arkansas, learned at an early age of it’s affect over people.  He fondly recalls what it did to him, playing for Youth Night each Friday at his grandmother’s church. 

” Just striking the right note on a keyboard or guitar could bring the house down and I fell in love with the ability to do so. “

Shortly after graduating high school, he began writing his own lyrics, with inspiration from some of his favorite artists, such as UGK, The Ghetto Boys and Ron C. 

He promptly set out for Texas in the hopes it would launch his music career. He got together with a couple friends and they successfully formed a band, which Harris admits opened many doors for him. And though they never made it nationwide, he and his group were able to land shows with big names like Master P and Lil Kim. 

Harris says, 

“I traveled from city to city chasing my musical dreams and out of nowhere it hit me that being on stage and performing is great but what I really loved was making the music.”

He began attending school for Production Engineering. But, before long, he concluded that without a major label deal, he wouldn’t be able to make much more money than he was as an artist. After conducting his own research, he noticed there wasn’t currently a way for up and coming producers to be heard or discovered. He determined he was going to formulate an app that would be able to do just that. 

Harris is positive he has uncovered the solution and has been working closely with a team of experts at Idea Design Studio on perfecting it. 

“That is my new passion, creating a new plateau not only for myself but other producers as well.”

When his product is released, it is expected to rival some of the hottest music apps on the market right now.  Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, watch out! Get your playlists ready.  You’re going to want to remember where you were at the moment it dropped.

| Written By: Emily Duty

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